Pre Hospital Flashcard set - Download

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Your complete Bible to Pre-Hospital care!

Designed for Paramedics, Student Paramedics, EMTs and ECAs

*Please use in conjunction with JRCALC and follow your trusts guidelines*

This is the downloadable version of the flash cards for yourself to print and laminate or put them into a pouch!

All designed by myself

This package contains the following cards;

- Pre Alert

- Types of bone fractures

- Abdominal Quadrants

- Cardiac Arrest Hs and T’s

- Burns rule of nines

- PRF Template

- Neck and Back assessment

- Musculoskeletal and Limb assessment

- Head and Neurology assessment

- Abdo/GI/Genitourinary assessment

- Chest and Respiratory assessment

- Medical administration drug routes

- Sepsis Screening tool

- ECG 12 lead placement

- OPQRST Pain assessment

- Glasgow coma scale

- Observation ranges

- Skeleton

- Paediatric GCS

- Stomach pain locations


- Orientation and Directional terms

- Apgar scoring system

- Oxygen delivery methods