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Emergency First Aid Revision Guides!

Wanting a career in the ambulance service/private sector?

Looking at becoming a ACA, ECA or EMT?

These guides can help with popular courses that are on the market!

I have for sale on my shop:

Revision Guide A4 Part 1 - touches on BLS, Roles of First Responder, Medical emergencies, the airway, airway adjuncts, BVM, DRABCD, CPR, AED, Recovery Position, Emergency Oxygen, Traumatic Injuries, Cat Haem and control, Internal Bleeding, Shock, Poisoning, Helmet Removal, Collars, Pelvic Splint, Burns and Scalds, Burns rule of 9

Revision Guide A4 Part 2 - touches on ILS , patient assesment, physiological measurements, anatomy of the heart, Circulatory system, anatomy of airway and lungs, anatomy of digestive system, anatomy of skeletal system, heart disease, types of heart disease, ECG, 3-Lead, 12-lead, iGels, airway tree, Thoracic trauma, sucking chest wound, flail chest, pneumothorax, tension pneumothorax, mechanisms of injuries, full body immobilisation, splints, sexual assault and rape, major incidents, METHANE, Major incident triage, physco social development, paediatric assesment triangle, Paed GCS, 02, Entonox and Reversible causes

ECG Rythma A5 - focuses on common rhythms: chest lead placement, Normal sinus, 1st degree heart block, atrial flutter, atrial fibrillation, paced rhythm, 2nd degree heart block morbitz type 1 and 2, shockable rhythms, none shockable rythms, SVT, Third degree/ complete heart block, VF, VT and Wolfe Parkinson white syndrome